Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How to flush the cache with FatWire's ContentServer 5.5

Flush the cache with a URL like this:

If it worked, you should see a response like this: CacheServer flushing all pages.

Trouble shooting tips.

  • If flushing gives you this error: CacheServer : No access allowed for requested action.(Force page flush), check the following.
    • Are you sure your username and password are correct?
    • Does that user name have SiteGod ACL?
    • Are you logged in?
  • I made some changes and can't see them on refresh! Check your URL. If it is a satellite URL (http://DOMAIN/servlet/Satellite), change Satellite to ContentServer, i.e. http://DOMAIN/servlet/ContentServer and refresh again.
  • CSElements called by SiteEntry - to cache or not to cache.
    • If it is static (like some non changing content or maybe a Javascript file), cache it. In the SiteEntry, set "Pagelet Cache Criteria" to "true,*".
    • If the element is dynamic, i.e. it performs some processing and the output should be different each time, don't cache it. In the SiteEntry, set "Pagelet Cache Criteria" to "false".
    • See CacheInfo String Syntax section of the developer pdf for a detailed description of how to use this setting.
    • I said don't cache, but it is! I found (CS 5.5) that when I set my SiteEntry initially to "true,*" and changed it afterwards to "false", it was still being cached. To fix it, I deleted and re-created the SiteEntry.