Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A long shadow over Java's future

Martin Paulo and Ben Hutchison are closing the VJUG mailing list.

Hi All

Ben and I feel that Oracle choosing to sue Google has cast a very long shadow over Java's future, potentially affecting all of us who use Java in our day to day work. We thus no longer have any desire to direct our energies toward VJUG activities going forward.

Unless anyone has strong feelings to the contrary, we propose that the VJUG formally be closed at the end of this week - that the newsgroup and web site be shuttered, and finally, the jug place marker be removed.

Any thoughts or screams to the contrary before we start the process? We will take silence as a vote for closure!


While the Victorian Java community has never been strong, and I can fully understand the reasons for closing the group, I haz a sad.

Despite the considered opinions of others a lot smarter than me concluding that it's far from being the end of Java, Oracle has delivered a great big kick in the slats to a thriving community of Java developers. In my opinion, the biggest effect of this law suit is to bring down the collective morale of Java developers everywhere; it feels like a show of contempt rather than a shroud business move.

It is certainly a sore strain on my good will towards to the new care-taker of Java - the technology my professional career is built on. I cannot understand what positive effects Oracle hopes will come from this suit - either for them as company or the Java community. Does Android hurt Java or Oracle? Will Java or Oracle grow stronger if Google moves away from Java?

This story is far from over, but it is not a good beginning.