Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Limitations of Gmail on iPad

Updates. Wednesday 21 September 2011, 08:35:51 PM: yay, I am wrong! Use two fingers to scroll up/down a nested scrollable area. For Atomic users: disable 2 finger swipe up/down gestures first!

The iPad interface for Gmail is fantastic - but still, as a mobile interface it is very limited. Just like on the iPhone (and Android?) you don't get access to all of your settings. For example, you can't use the mobile interface to change what pop accounts Gmail connects to - nor can you do this through the Gmail HTML interface

A couple of days ago, I wrote about using Atomic Web browser on the iPad to get access to the desktop version of Google Checkout, which worked nicely. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as nicely for the Gmail desktop interface on Atomic Web Browser: I can get to the Accounts and Import settings page, but cannot scroll down to the section containing the pop accounts!