Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Get JBoss Web Console and JMX Console back in Turnkey ES2

In my new work-place, we are using the turnkey version of ES2 (Adobe - LiveCycle Enterprise Suite - note that as of ES3, it is being renamed to ADEP, Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform). The turnkey project installs LiveCycle on JBoss with MySql.

I am having trouble finding out what JNDI datasources are present, so I looked for JBoss JMX Console or JBoss Web Console. But they are missing in the turnkey project - for security purposes. Thankfully, it is very easy to bring them back.

First, find out what version of JBoss you are using. I found this in the JBoss readme: C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES2\jboss\readme.html (by default on Windows, ES2 installs itself to C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES2). Once you know your version (4.2.1.GA for ES2), download the original zip file for that version of JBoss and unzip it somewhere. Copy the management directory (web console) and jmx-console.war war file (JMX console) into your JBoss' deploy directory. For me that meant copying C:\Temp\jboss-4.2.1.GA\server\all\deploy\management and C:\Temp\jboss-4.2.1.GA\server\all\deploy\jmx-console.war to C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES2\jboss\server\lc_turnkey\deploy.

Now I have web-console: http://localhost:8080/web-console/ and JMX Console: http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/.