Monday, June 25, 2007

RAD - Portal - can't delete

Sometimes when I am working in RAD (6 or 7) on a Portal (5.1) project, it fails to re-build, saying that it cannot delete ./web/WEB-INF/classes/

Often I can solve this with rm -f ./web/WEB-INF/classes/, but not always. Other times I need to re-build the app and delete the command quickly while that starts!

Worst case: I have had to close the server. Once I had to close RAD itself.


Lars said...

Yeah, tell me about it - this happens to me all the time too! I've always restarted my server to get around it - will try the rebuild trick next time!

On a real unix box, rm -f would probably work (as root anyway), but I assume you're using cygwin...

RobertMarkBram said...

Yeah, I am using Cygwin. :)

Max said...

Have you found a better fix for this? It's really annoying me, I have to restart the server I am testing on just to run my new code. And if it's in debug mode, it takes forever to start back up :(

RobertMarkBram said...

Hi Max,

Sorry to hear about your woes. Unfortunately, I never found a better fix for it. I wrote a small shell script that would run the "rm -f .. " command about 50 times and I would run it over and over while I tried re-starting the app and re-building the project until by luck one of the "rm -f .. " statements would execute in a time when RAD didn't hold a lock on the file.. :(

Actually I did found another work-around. I changed jobs and don't work with RAD anymore! <Insert a Simpsons' Nelson: "Ha ha!">