Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RAD 7 - install Merant Version Manager plugin

At my work place, we are using Merant Version Manager (Build 662) with RAD7.

Merant Version Manager standalone app works ok, but the plugin installer doesn't know how to find a valid Eclipse install any more, due to the way RAD packages Eclipse.

Instead, create an "Extension Loction" within RAD from which it will install the plugin for us. An extension location must be a folder named "eclipse" containing a special marker file called ".eclipseextension".

  1. Go to the following Merant directory, C:\Program Files\Merant\vm\devint\eclipse3.0\eclipse\plugins and copy the file .eclipseextension to C:\Program Files\Merant\vm\devint\eclipse3.0\eclipse.
  2. In RAD 7 and select Help > Software Updates > Manage Configuration.
  3. Right click on the root node, Rational Application Developer and select Add > Extension Location.
  4. Enter C:\Program Files\Merant\vm\devint\eclipse3.0\eclipse.
  5. RAD will ask you to re-start. Let it do that and when RAD comes back you should have Merant on your menu.

If you get an SCC_E_INITIALIZEFAILED error when you open RAD (or the Merant menu item), go to my RAD 7 - Merant Version Manager: SCC_E_INITIALIZEFAILED blog post.


Jase said...

How upsetting, this process is different for Rad 7.5, if I work it out, I'll let you know

RobertMarkBram said...

Hey Jase - a comment at last! :)

As for 7.5.. dagnabbit! Let us know - hope you work it out.