Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CVS diff on labels

Find out what files have changed, been added or removed between two labels in CVS.

  1. Install wincvs (WinCvs
  2. Make sure you have C:\Program Files\cvsnt" in your Window's PATH environment variable.
  3. Open DOS prompt/Cygwin shell.
  5. cvs login
  6. Then enter your password.

Thanks to Lars

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Eclipse: bookmarks, multiple clip-board buffers, column mode editing

Some simply amazing Eclipse plugins that I am using with Ganymede (3.4).

Eclipse Bookmarks plugin - for making and navigating around quick bookmarks with simple keyboard shortcuts. At last something that makes the Bookmarks view actually useful.

Multi-clipboard plugin - gives you multiple clipboard buffers so that you can copy and paste multiple pieces of separately. Uses some very simple keyboard shortcuts to make this very easy to use.

Hallelujah! Column mode comes to Eclipse!

These plugins give Eclipse some extremely powerful and easy to use functionality that I wished were present from day one, all of which I have gotten used to from UltraEdit. In fact, until now I would frequently switch to UltrEdit just to do some column mode editing.